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Project Description

A basic GUI browser tool for inspection and querying of a SimpleDB.

The AWS SimpleDB Browser is a simple application that provides a graphical interface to interact with a SimpleDB provided by Amazon Web Services.


The SimpleDB Browser can be used to quickly and easily browse data that currently exists in a SimpleDB, add or delete data, and run custom SELECT queries against the simpledb. The browser supports most SimpleDB operations in the UI, including:
  • CreateDomain - Creates a new SimpleDB domain with a provided name.
  • DeleteAttributes - Deletes the attribute currently selected in the UI.
  • DeleteDomain - Deletes the domain currently selected in the UI.
  • GetAttributes - Whenever an item is selected, its attributes are shown.
  • ListDomains - Lists all domains in the SimpleDB.
  • PutAttributes - Adds a new attribute to an existing or new item.
  • Select - Performs a custom-written SELECT query against the SimpleDB.

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